Lante’lei – Shana

Shana of the Verka Selde

Shana of the Verka Selde

Shana is not nearly the warrior that the rest of the Verka Selde are. But she is a very good archer (almost Alie‘s equal). So Pret includes her in the hunting and such.

Shana isn’t treated very well, especially by Frey. Shana accepts her fate, though, and will often take punishment for others to spare them the pain and humiliation.

Around the camp, Shana tries to provide comfort and soothing. Especially when Pret or Frey are particularly cruel to one of the other tribe members. Because of the way she’s treated, Shana often has a sad or melancholy look about her.

In battle, her arrows often turn the tide in a hunt or in a fight. She fires quickly and efficiently, even though she feels sad for every living thing she kills.

Shana is not loyal to Pret. However she is loyal to her tribemates. This causes her a great deal of angst.

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