Lante’lei – Pret

Pret of the Verka Selde

Pret of the Verka Selde

Pret is the leader of the Verka Selde (“Wild Daughter”). While Kori has been on the talanor longer, Pret is the older by several years. She was 12 when the village elders discovered that her mother had two daughters and decreed that Pret, as the second, should be “returned to the tree”.

Pret bitterly despises the Alda’lei for her banishment from the sunlight and fresh air of the great trees. She believes that the Lante’lei should return to their ‘rightful place’ among the branches. She wishes to lead any elf who will listen to her back to the trees to carve out a place for them to live.

Twenty years ago, Pret attempted to do just that. However she and her followers at the time were defeated by border guards of the Alda’lei, leaving Pret and Frey as the only survivors. Pret doesn’t believe the strategy is flawed. Just that she needs more warriors and a better battle plan. She’s been rebuilding the Verka Selde ever since.

Around the camp, Pret is quick with her sharp tongue or a backhanded slap. She rules the Verka with an iron grip and believes that anyone who disagrees with her rules or her goals is an enemy. On a good day, she’ll just banish such a person. On a bad day, they’ll wish she had.

Pret fights with a drive that frightens many people, including her own tribemates. She wields two wicked axes designed to rend and tear the flesh of her opponents. She’s also rarely without a savage double bladed dagger. When the battle turns against her, Pret will often go into a berserk rage and have to be restrained by Marta and others rather than admit defeat.

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