Lante’lei – Frey

Frey of the Verka Selde

Frey of the Verka Selde

Frey is Pret‘s right hand. She is the enforcer of the Verka Selde and keeps a tight rein on the followers. While Pret sets the direction for the tribe, Frey ruthlessly ensures that nobody strays from it. Pret’s followers both fear and respect her. With Frey, they just fear.

Frey’s face is scarred from the failed first assault on the Alda’lei. A male elf’s vicious thrust of his sword caught her in the face, permanently closing her right eye. Before the accident, Frey was an excellent archer, easily Alie’s equal. But after her depth perception was gone.

Around the camp, Frey has no friends. And she’s just fine keeping it that way. She has Pret’s respect as a warrior and as someone she trusts to keep the tribe in line. That’s all she needs.

In battle Frey wields two short heavy blades, relying on her quickness and strength rather than the reach of a longer weapon. Some of her tribemates suspect she secretly harbors a death wish and chooses to fight closer to the danger on purpose.

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