Lante’lei – Kori

Kori of the Sunda Tribe

Kori of the Sunda Tribe

Kori is the founder and leader of the Sunda (Root) Tribe. Her vision is to enable her followers (and indeed all elves who will join her) to build a life and a society on the forest floor. She puts aside her anger at having been discarded by the Alda’lei and focuses on doing the best she can with what she has.

Kori’s demeanor with her tribe is a combination of a mother and a big sister. She loves each of her followers and treats them all with respect. Not to say she is soft however, as anyone who has violated the tenets of the Sunda can attest.

Kori’s gentle, caring manner, however, masks a rock hard core. She is widely respected as the best hunter on the talanor. In battle she wields her long bladed spear ferociously in defense of her tribemates.

When relaxing, Kori often wears loose fitting leather clothing and is seen walking around camp speaking with her friends. In the hunt or in battle she wears the typical leather armor of the Sunda and her battle markings are in various shades of green.

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