Lante’lei – Alie

Alie of the Sunda Tribe

Alie of the Sunda Tribe

Alie is one of the youngest of the hunters / fighters for the Sunda tribe. Kori treats her like a little sister, which suits Alie just fine. Alie is quiet and sensitive. Around the camp she is often the one that the younger girls turn to when they need an understanding ear.

In battle, Alie prefers stealth and her bow rather than getting closer to her foes. Her archery skill is unsurpassed among the Sunda, though, and she’s been known to drop a razorhawk on the wing when necessary.

Alie’s one vanity is her long hair. She lets it grow longer than anyone else in the tribe and is often teased about it tangling in branches and such. But she refuses to cut it any shorter. One of the ways she relaxes her mind is to spend hours working through her hair with fingers and combs removing tangles and brambles from it.

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