The Lante’lei

One of the many creative projects which I started, but never finished, was the stories of the Lante’lei.

The Lante’lei

Lante’lei means “The Fallen People”. To understand them, one must first understand that most of elven society live in the great trees.

The Alda’lei are the elves who live in the branches of trees. It is said one can cross from the Coral Sea in the east to the Golden Ocean in the west by simply passing from branch to branch. Living above the ground, the Alda’lei never give a thought to what lies beneath them. Indeed, the ground is literally beneath their consideration. All they need for their lives exists in the trees.

There is one more cruel aspect to their lives, however. The Alda’lei are a highly male oriented society. For a family to have more than a single daughter is considered a sign of shame and disfavor with the gods. And so, if a second daughter is born, she is lowered to the forest floor in a basket of woven branches.

Sometimes, a girl is raised for a time before she is discovered. Then the village elders may take matters into their own hands and these older children are likewise banished from the sunlit branches to the roots of the tree.

But not every girl so discarded dies. Some of the older ones survived. And as time went on, they began to rescue the little ones. Now several tribes of these women roam the forest. Sometimes they cooperate, but often when two tribes meet, fighting soon follows. The forest floor is a harsh place to live. Resources are scarce and many predators roam the dim depths of the woods. Life here can be brutal sometimes. But these women have also found a way to survive. To even thrive. Here in the Chronicle, you will learn of their stories of valor, honor, and love.

The Chronicle

Falling Home

Steel Rain

The People

The Sunda Tribe

The Verka Selde Tribe

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