Additional Tutorials

I thought I’d create a simple page with some links to other tutorials around the Internet that I have found helpful. I’ll try to categorize them as to whether they are general 3D topics, or specific to a particular tool.

Note: All links here will by default open in a new window.

General 3D Tutorials

Computer Graphics References and Tutorials – A great place to learn the basics of Renderman compliant shaders and some specific tools

DAZ Studio Tutorials

Tutorials specific to the DAZ Studio tool created by DAZ3D. Organized by the source they come from.

DAZ3D Forums

DAZ Studio Tutorial List – A list on the DAZ3D forums with links to many tutorials both on the DAZ3D site and elsewhere.

Depth of Field (DOF) and DS Rendering Settings – A forum post on the DAZ3D forums about how your advanced rendering settings affect your DOF effects

Runtime DNA Forums

DAZ Studio Tutorial Forum – Sub-forum specifically for DS Tutorial threads

DAZ Studio for Beginners – Links to video tutorials by Nagus for new DS 4 users

DAZ Studio and ZBrush – Links to video tutorials by Nagus for using ZBrush and DS together

Third Party Sites & Blogs

Optimizing DS 4 Rendering Settings – Goes pretty in-depth into the advanced settings and how they affect your images

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  1. Bob Said:

    Thanks for taking the time to make this list. While all the information is available….it’s scattered widely.

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