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DAZ Contests

Angels Fear

This was a contest entry for Stonemason’s anniversary contest at DAZ. The wings are from Aery Soul’s Xenon outfit. Just a bit of post work on the sword.

Red is Packing

Another contest entry. This time it was about re-imagining fables. Red Riding hood is packing some heat in this version, though! Another challenging lighting situation since I needed the darkness for the mood, but had to be able to see Red and the silhouette of the Big Bad Wolf.



Once again the shiny chest syndrome got to me. I tried some post work on this. Even though I’m not 100% happy with the results, I stopped working on it because I was out of time. Unfortunately, I didn’t enjoy playing an assassin in Aion as much as I thought I would; so she had a pretty short career.

Aery Soul

Modern Alice

In Modern Alice, I was highlighting the work I’d done to get Alice’s skin shaders looking their best in DAZ|Studio. That’s why you see so much of her skin.

Swift Justice

When Aery Soul released their Justice armor set, it was a massive and detailed product. The complexity of the product made many complain that it wouldn’t render in DAZ|Studio. I went through piece by piece, material by material and worked out the settings in DAZ|Studio that would get comparable results to what others were getting in Poser.


Bounty Hunter

This was my first (only?) render with a male subject. But what I really like about the image is that the lantern is something that I modeled myself. Lighting this was a real problem with the big wall behind him. Kept getting dark shadows. Had to add all sorts of bounce lights attached to the wall to soften them.


This was an attempt at one of the challenges at DAZ. My first time using the Dysotopia city blocks. Also my first render with Aery Soul’s Liltsure hair. The background and how it frames her within the moon is one of my favorite parts.

Heather’s Night

I used a lot of lighting tricks in this one. I had to have enough light on the fairy so you could see her, but I wanted it to still feel like it was nighttime. So I did a lot with contrasting the dark background with the silvery moonlight in front. Also added some point lights to the fluffy ends of the feelers on the wings.


Another character portrait that I did for a friend of mine. This was her doctor in Anarchy Online. It still frustrates me a bit because I had such an issue with the shine on her chest. Tried all sorts of things to eliminate it and finally just had to call it “good enough”


I like Dangerous because it was the first image that I did where I took a lot of time tweaking it to get it right. This is revision 9. I saved all the revisions I rendered so that I could look back and see how things changed and improved over time.

Dragon Tower

Dragon Tower I liked because it was the first image I did where I generated my own background. The landscape was created in Carrara.

SWG Character Portrait

This is the first render I ever did. It was a character portrait for a friend of mine who was playing Star Wars Galaxies. It took me a while to get the face and lekku to look just right.

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