Commission Projects

As I’ve started taking on a few projects, I thought it would be helpful to explain how my process is working out on this. I’ll break it down into phases.

Negotiation & Quoting

We’ll discuss what you’re looking for in the project. Whether it’s a simple headshot, a posed character portrait, or a full 3D action scene. Once I understand what you need, I’ll provide a quote for the effort required.

FYI: I use a Paypal account to accept your funds. This is currently the only way I can accept payment.

Character Creation

Note: I will request that at least the character creation fees ($15 per character) be paid before this phase begins. In my experience, it can be the most time consuming portion of the process depending on how specific your vision is that I’m trying to match. So I will want to make sure that we’re both committed to this project moving forward before we begin.

If this is the first project I’ve done for you, the next phase will be me creating your character in DAZ Studio. During this phase I will need some reference photos from you to work from. These might be screenshots from in-game, or if the game avatar doesn’t match your vision for the character, it can be other images that provide face, hair, and body references. I can work from a written description as well, but that might be up to my interpretation of your writing.

You will get drafts of your character during the time. These drafts will be done at low resolution and with standard default lighting, but should be sufficient that we can agree when we’re ready to move forward with the character.

For a bit of “behind the scenes”, the way this works for me is that I have twenty starting figures that I can begin with typically I choose one who has a facial structure that is closest to your character. From there, I have literally hundreds of dials to fine tune facial features. When it comes to hair, I’m somewhat more limited, but I can usually find something among the 25 styles in my library which will be close enough.

Scene Composition

Note: If we did not have to create new characters for this, I will be asking for half of quoted amount prior to scene composition. This is just to ensure we’re both committed to seeing this project through to the end.

Once the character(s) are created, I will start to create the scene. This will involve dressing the characters according to our agreements during the Negotiation phase, adding props and poses. Typically there will be 2-3 low resolution drafts provided so you can see the progression and make some mid-course corrections.


The final image will be rendered at a high resolution so that you can reduce it as necessary for your purposes and will have more dramatic lighting effects applied than during the draft phase. Before the final image is delivered, I will request that I’ve received full compensation for the project.

At this point, you own the image. You can post it, share it, however you wish. I may ask your permission to use a reduced resolution copy as part of my portfolio, but the original work is yours upon completion of our transaction.

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