3D Commissions

I have been asked from time to time if I do “commission” work for people. While some of the artwork I’ve shown on my 3D Artwork Page was done for friends/acquaintances, I am new to doing work on a commission basis. I don’t have unlimited “free” time; so I can’t take on too much.

Contact me for more information

To understand the process of how the project will work, please see my Commission Projects page. As far as fees go for these projects, we’ll start the Negotiation phase with the following fee structure:

Character Setup Fee: $15

The initial phase will be creating your character within my software. This will take some time back and forth as we make sure that face, body and hair properly represent your character. This one time fee represents the work required to do that. Once this is done, however, subsequent requests for additional images using this same character will not incur this setup fee.

Headshot: $10

Square image with a plain background focused on the character’s face suitable for avatar images on Enjin, forums, etc.

Portrait: $25

Full character portrait with a plain background clothed and posed according to your specifications.

Action Scene: $35

Character posed in a full 3D scene depicting a story or event that we discuss and agree on in advance.

Additional Character: $10*

Adding additional characters to the image requires additional clothing and posing work. This can also be subject to the New Character Setup fee if it is a character which has a specific look required (e.g. an additional Player Character or an NPC that you have specific look & feel requirements).


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