Update on The Beast

It’s been a few days now since my last update on Project: The Beast (WIP) so I thought I’d share a little more about this journey. I’m currently on restart #3 of the project. As I’ve watched some additional tutorials on modeling cars, I would realize that a decision I made early was going to make the process a lot more difficult.

Useful Learning

Although the tutorial I’m going to link below uses Blender for the modeling tool of choice, what I really like about it is how Kevin explains WHY he does things certain ways rather than just saying “Do this, then do that…”

Modeling a 3D Car by TestedPancake

Progress report

While I’ve made a few updates on the mesh for the body, I’ve spend a lot of time lately working on other pieces and parts. I was going a big crosseyed trying to find vertices to tweak on the body and needed a break.

Beast Wheel

Mag wheel created for my 1968 Charger modeling project.

Beast Lugnut

Lugnut created for my 1968 Dodge Charger project.

I’ve shared both of those on ShareCG as well for others to download and use however they’d like.

Then I created a custom logo badge for the front grill. Normally it would say “Charger” there, but I’ve changed that to say “Beast”.

Beast Badge

Custom badge for the front grill of my 1968 Charger project

It even looks pretty good on the grill itself…

Beast Grill

Grill, with custom badging, for my 1968 Dodge Charger project

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