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What I’ve Been Up To

Consimi-Walking toward the future

Conall and Simi symbolically walking a new path together.

So the last post I made was like what, 2015? Three years sure flies by. Lots of life changes in that time, which I won’t bore you with. But I wanted something on my home page to represent all the work I’ve been doing lately.

Secret World

My current MMO of choice is Secret World Legends (f.k.a. The Secret World). The re-vamp to a free-to-play game through Steam has revitalized the game, brought some much needed money for Funcom, and we just had our first new content release since Tokyo.

Add to that the roleplaying community (both in-game and Twitter) and my lovely new partner Simi and the gaming life is good.

3D Graphics

I’ve lately gotten back into rendering using DAZ Studio and so there are a lot of changes on my 3D Artwork portfolio. This includes the fact that I started taking 3D Commissions from my friends in the Secret World.

I have to admit as a long time fan of the 3Delight engine, I was a little skeptical at first about using the new iRay engine. But as I’ve gotten to understand the physics based lighting and such I have to admit the results are pretty amazing. DAZ must be happy I’m back to based on the way my bank account has been drained lately.

Thanks for Stopping By

That’s about it from me right now. Just thought I should have something up to show I’ve been more active than a 2015 post about MMO auction houses might have indicated. Please feel free to browse around and offer comments / feedback.