Coming Soon: New Artist Mistakes

I’m almost done with Part 4 of my 3 part series on 3D surfaces. I’ve decided to follow that up with a post or two on common mistakes that new 3D artists make with their first images. I may need to break them down into a couple of categories. I’m thinking right now of the following…

  • Lighting Mistakes
  • Posing Mistakes
  • Set / Framing Mistakes

I’m going to create some images that purposefully make these mistakes and then point out why they don’t work. I’ll also create some quick images that are similar that correct the mistakes to show alternatives.

Those of us who want to help others grow as artists want to be able to offer criticism. But sometimes, the artist’s ego is a fragile one. it can be hard for us to see the same “obvious” mistake for the 100th time and think of a way to say it without hurting the artists feelings. My hope is that by ripping apart my own images I’ll be able to provide some of that valuable feedback to others without damaging a budding new artist’s interest in this hobby.

For those who may be following this, if you can think of any ideas for mistakes you’d like to see addressed, please feel free to leave a comment here.


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