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Divine Armaments – Recursive Enhancements

There Must Be A Better Way

So, you’ve been evolving and enhancing your Divine Armaments cards, but you’re beginning to feel a bit like Edward Bear…

Here is Edward Bear, coming down the stairs now, bump, bump, bump, on the back of his head, behind Christopher Robin.
It is, as far as he knows, the only way of coming downstairs,
but sometimes he feels that there really is another way,
if only he could stop bumping for a moment and think of it.
And then he feels that perhaps there isn’t.

I’ve come across a couple of posts on the Internet and some YouTube videos that discussed some options, I’ve consolidated them into what I call the Recursive Approach to developing my feeder cards.

Working Smarter verses Harder?

This process is the most efficient in terms of the number of cards it requires and the amount of orison you spend doing it. It is NOT the most efficient in terms of the time it takes. You’ll be using the Single Enhancement mode and changing the Enhancement target each time. So, the enhancement process does take more time than the method I shared in earlier posts. However, that may be balanced out by the fact that it takes less time to gather the cards you need and less time to gather the orison to pay the evolution and enhancement fees.

The Goal

To create a fully enhanced Rare character card which will be used to level up one of my “real” cards. Mostly these days my event and battle decks use Super Rare and Super Rare+ character and equipment cards. So it takes a lot of level 40 Rare cards to level those cards up to maximum. To get the most out of a 4, 6, or 8 (gulp) card evolution, it takes a TON of feeders! So being efficient is important.

As I mentioned in my Levelling in Divine Armaments post a while back ago, the best place to gather levelling cards is Palace Corridor 1. So, I’ll be targeting a level 40 Hecate Effy (The Elegant) Rare card with this process.


You’ll need to gather the following cards and orison for this process:

  • 5 Hecate Effy (N+)
  • 5 Tyr N+ armor cards (see note below)
  • 12,423 Orison

Note: The armor cards should all be for the same slot. So you need 5 Banded Armguards or 5 Scale Skirts. While you can cross from arm to skirt slots, the enhancement process is most efficient when you’re using the same card as the target and material.


There is a four-step process to this procedure. Technically creating the rare Hecate Effy can be done either at the beginning or the end. I tend to do her first because I’ve had times when I miscounted, and it is frustrating to get to that last step and realize that I need one more and have to go back to the Palace Corridor to get another one. In my example, I’m using the Banded Armguards for the enhancement armor.

Tip: Don’t forget to turn OFF the enhancement animation. This was a very nice feature that Sakurasoft added to the game recently. When you’re grinding out feeder cards not having to hit the “Skip” button is one extra button press that you can avoid and a few extra seconds saved may not seem like a lot at first, but it adds up over time, believe me!

Step 1 – Create Hecate Effy (The Elegant) (Rare)

This step is pretty straightforward. Just evolve four of the Hecate Effy Normal+ cards into her Rare form.

Target Material Cost Result
Hec. Effy Hec. Effy 2687 Hec. Effy+
Hec. Effy+ Hec. Effy 3741 Hec. Effy++
Hec. Effy++ Hec. Effy 4795 Hec. Effy (Elegant)

Step 2 – Enhance Tyr N+ Material

This is where the “recursive” part comes into play. The first enhancement is just one level 1 enhanced with another level 1. That creates a level 4. But then we use the Change Target button, select another level 1 Banded Armguard and use the level 4 that we just created as the material. That creates a level 8 result. We keep changing target, using the result of the last enhancement as the material, until we get a level 26 result.

Target Material Cost Result
Armguard (1) Armguard (1) 200 Armguard (4)
Armguard (1) Armguard (4) 200 Armguard (8)
Armguard (1) Armguard (8) 200 Armguard (12)
Armguard (1) Armguard (12) 200 Armguard (26)

Note that we could do it one more time and get a level 35 Banded Armguard. The problem is that if we use a level 35 Banded Armguard (which is a Tyr Forest item) to try to level a Rare Hecate Effy (fire) card, we won’t max her out. We’ll get her to level 39. And it will take another level 8 Banded Armguard to get her to level 40. Wasteful. It’s better to just take the Armguard to level 26, and proceed to Step 3.

Step 3 – Enhance Hecate Effy N+

Since the Hecate Effy character card is only Normal+, we can use the level 26 Armguard we created in Step 2 to enhance her up to level 35. Then, since she is the same base card as our Rare Hecate Effy we’re trying to create as our feeder, she’ll max out the card in step 4!

Target Material Cost Result
Hec. Effy (1) Armguard (26) 200 Hec. Effy (35)

Step 4 – Enhance Hecate Effy (The Elegant) [Rare]

Now that we protected ourselves from that inefficiency of changing jobs, card types, and elements by using the Hecate Effy Normal+ as our final enhancement in Step 3, we can max out our Rare Hecate Effy card in one move here.

Target Material Cost Result
Hec. Effy (Elegant) (1) Hec. Effy (35) 200 Hec. Effy (Elegant) (40)


At first this is going to feel frustrating. Changing target for every enhancement doesn’t feel as efficient as the first method I put up where you’re using the multiple enhancement which has fewer steps to it. However, as you begin to realize how many fewer cards you have to farm to get your Rare feeders and how much more quickly you’re getting your Super Rare and Super Rare+* cards maxed out, it starts to sink in that the changing target is a fair trade-off for not taking so many trips back to the Palace Corridor!

*Footnote: Ok, let’s be real. Maxing out a Super Rare+ card is never going to feel fast. But at least it won’t be such a drag building the Rare feeders you need to do it.