UV mapping…

Ok, for those who may be reading this and unaware of the term, UV Mapping is the process of unwrapping your 3D model into a 2D map that can be colored and used to texture your object.

It’s a pain!

Ok … actually, for most of the parts of Redeemer, it’s not so bad. The handle is a cylinder, the guard a box, and the sword is planar. Most UV tools have those types of projections (as they’re called) built-in.

But those quillons….. Why oh why did I decide to twist them like that?

But, I got a good tip from my friends at Aery Soul. Since UV mapping maps the texture relative to the object, not to absolute coordinates, it would actually be possible to map a straight square column of the same dimensions as the quillons, and then align that map to the twisted one.

So, that’s my goal for the weekend. Even though the Colts are playing in the Super Bowl on Sunday, I’d like to finish the weekend with the UV mapping done on Redeemer. I’ll let you know how things go next week!



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