Redeemer – Quillons

The next section that I re-worked was the quillons. While the version 28 quillons had some interesting detail (some of which were unintentional), they weren’t really like the original. And since my goal was to make a derivative of the Redeemer sword, I decided to re-work them from scratch.

This time I made a cube that was 1 cm square by 2 cm tall. I cut off the top and bottom faces and split the other 4 faces vertically. Then I added an extra pair of edges around each corner and moved the center edge on each face inward just slightly.

Then I copied the straight segment and twisted the top of the clone 40 degrees. This gave me the twisted look I wanted. I made 2 more copies of the twisted piece, stacking them right on top of each other and rotating them until the vertices lined up. And I finished with another copy of the straight piece.

After welding the pieces together and welding the vertices so that the faces were continuous, I capped the top of the twisted column and raised the central vertex slightly to dome the end of the quillon.

Finally, I used the bender tool to bend the whole quillon 16 degrees forward and 8 degrees left to right. I cloned that for the other side and rotated the lower quillon around and placed it in the right spot on the guard. This also has the effect that if you look down the sword from the tip, the quillons form a slight ‘S’ shape.

Not only is the new version much closer to the original, I think it also looks much nicer and refined than what I had done in v28.


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