Redeemer – The Hilt

I got some good tips from my favorite modeler (thanks, As Shanim!) on how to add some detail onto the hilt to make improve it. The main thing was to work on the low-poly model, but with an eye toward what it does to the final model once two levels of smoothing are applied.

Doing that pointed out that just by pulling the center vertex on the pommel out a bit, it domes the end of the hilt instead of giving it that funky edge that it had.

The main area he focused on was the grip. As he pointed out, there wasn’t a lot of definition between the grip and the rest of the hilt. By adding a couple lines of edges at those boundaries, and then overlapping them on purpose, it provides a much better seperation and definition of the grip and the hilt

Screenshots of the new hilt are attached below. Both the low-poly and smoothed versions. As before, click on one of the images to see it in more detail and see specific comments about that screenshot.


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