Project 1 – Getting started

I spent a lot of time at a great website called My Armoury browsing their large collection of details photos of swords. In the end, I chose a pretty simple longsword as my first project.

ATrim/Christian Fletcher Redeemer Sword

I started working last night on the blade. My workflow went something like this:

I loaded the reference image onto the Z plane in Hexagon. Then I covered the blade with a single polygon plane.

I knew I’d need some polys for the fuller and ridge details on the blade; so I gave myself 4 rows of polys.

I needed a couple more columns of polys at the tip because the taper gets so extreme right at the end.

To fit the grid to the blade, I would select a column of vertices and scale the column up and down to get them right on the edges. By using scaling instead of translating, I was keeping the centerline down the middle of the blade, and just changing the spacing between vertices on the plane.

I worked from tip to hilt. If it seemed like I couldn’t match the taper of the blade with the polys that I had, I would slice again on the y-axis to add another column of vertices where I needed them.

I think I have the overall outline of the blade pretty good, but I was starting to fall asleep at the end and decided to just save and come back to it tonight.

Next up I want to make sure I have some polys to taper the edge of the blade, then I’ll add thickness to the plane. By turning on symmetry, I can then make the fuller and ridge on both sides of the blade the same. And finish by welding vertices along the edges to make the blade sharp.

Then it’s on to the hlit and crossguard.


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