Is it real or is it fantasy?

I’ve been going back and forth about whether I want my creations to look real or just look “cool”. At first it was going to be really important to me that whatever I created, a potential customer would look at it and think that it could have been on a battlefield somewhere at sometime.

But, then I started thinking that this type of product may be self-limiting since it doesn’t seem that the average Poser / DAZ Studio user is all that interested in historical accuracy.

So, I started leaning back toward a fantasy / video game style for the weapons I’m thinking about creating. I think that really well done with lots of detail and such it could be an interesting style.

But then the purist in me wonders if I’m just feeding that whole lack of realism that people like me complain about.

So, I’m torn. And don’t have any good answers right now.


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