Gathering materials

I spent part of the weekend searching the internet for images of medeival weapons. After talking with my friends at Aery Soul, it really solidified my feeling that I should at least start this adventure with some props instead of clothing. That way I don’t have to worry about rigging them for movement, creating morphs for different body shapes, etc. Basically I can avoid some of the most tedious and boring parts of 3D content creation. 🙂

So, my thought is to try to do a few lines of fantasy weapons. I want to base them off of real medeival weaponry, but nobody is going to say that my creations are “realistic”. And I think that’s ok. From what I’ve seen of the average Poser / DAZ Studio artist, most aren’t interested in realism, they’re interested in things that look cool.

Right now I have idea for 4 different collections of weapons. I figured that, to add some value to the props, I could include a small set of poses for DAZ’s Victoria and Michael figures.

The best part about this plan is that I think that right now I already have all the knowledge and tools I need to execute on it. I’ll be gaining experience along the way (especially in terms of packaging the products), but the learning curve to get into it won’t be too bad.


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