The Big Why

This morning on the radio, a couple of nutrionists were talking about how people can keep motivated on their New Year goals for weight loss. The interesting thing was that they said in their experience there is no magic diet or exercise regimine or pill. They said the common denominator among all of their clients who succeed is a mental attitude that says “I will do this!”

What I found most interesting was that they said they push their clients in the first planning sessions to discover why they want to do what they’re trying to achieve. They said that in their experience, it’s not about making a meal plan or having an exercise routine that really determines success. It’s about remembering WHY you’re trying to accomplish your goal and deriving your motivation from there.

I found that concept to be really interesting; so I thought I would apply it to my goals here. Please excuse the following “stream of conciousness” writing, I’m actually having this internal dialog as I type.

Why do I want to be a CG artist?
– Because it’s something I’ve always wanted to do.

But why have you always wanted to do it?
– Because I thought it was pretty cool to be able to use computers to create these kinds of things.

So you just want to be cool?
– No. I guess that would be silly.

If it’s not about being cool, then why pursue it?
– Because I get excited when I’m pursuing creative projects.

– And I’m tired of doing jobs that, while I may be good at them, they don’t excite me anymore.

Ok, I think we’re getting somewhere. But then why not have a goal to work for Pixar or something?
– Because then I would just be creating something that someone else wanted, not setting my own vision.

So, why not start your own studio and find your own projects?
– Because I’m not very good at driving sales, managing a bottom line budget, etc. Owning a graphics studio isn’t creative, it’s running a business.

You could freelance?
– Yeah, but then it’s the same thing as the Pixar story, but without the security of a full-time job with a studio.

I think we’re finally getting to the core.
– I think so too. Basically I want to do something that excites the creative side of my personality and frees me from having to do jobs that may pay well, but I get bored doing.

So this goal is really about freeing yourself to live life the way you want to without sacrificing your family’s well being?
– Exactly!

Ok, enough of that silliness. It all boils down to the fact that I don’t like working 8 to 5 at a job where I’m not creatively challenged. But I can’t just quit and sacrifice the income that my family needs while I pursue my dreams.


I want to free my creativity from my self-imposed cage.


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